Dr. David Turner

Dr. Turner was born, raised and educated in the Province Saskatchewan, Canada.

He received degrees in Science B.SC. (Biology), Physiotherapy (Dip.), and Medicine (MD), at the University of Saskatchewan.

The first 22 years of medical practice were primarily spent in the emergency departments in hospitals in Saskatchewan and Tennessee. He is Board certified in Family Practice by the College of Family Physicians of Canada. The past three years have been spent in private practice as a family physician with interests in bioidentical hormone replacement and integrative medicine.

“I decided to practice emergency medicine in the beginning of my career because I believed it was the only place that I could make a difference and treat disease. It seemed to me that prevention was a lofty dream but not a practical, evidence –based possibility.”

“My interest in alternative and bioidentical hormone therapy began about five years ago when I reached 50. I was experiencing the usual effects of aging with decreased energy levels, weight gain, and rising cholesterol levels in spite of attempts at regular exercise and eating right. As a volunteer for a CT angiogram at our local hospital, I discovered that I had two coronary arteries that were narrowed by 20% and 30%.”

At that point my quest had begun to find the most effective ways to slow or reverse my issues, and help my patients prevent the diseases of aging, while we all improved our quality of life!